Boys Bedroom + Sleepover Room Reveal With The Best Mattresses Out There!

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Over the last year, our family has been on an adventure! We have sold our home, moved to a different city, found a rental home and began building our dream home. We are truly blessed! We put a lot of thought, time, and care into planning our house design, finding the right builder, and creating a style that fits both our style and life!

We were able to move in two months ago and we have LOVED it. We are slowly settling in and putting the final touches on each room in the home. Today, I have a special reveal! I am so excited to share with you my favorite room in the house!

The Boys Bedroom

Our boys have always roomed together. First out of necessity, then out of desire. They love to be close together. They enjoy having fun and hanging out with each other. We built 4 recessed trundle beds and left room for a giant play and “hang out” area. We want function and chic design, but comfort is paramount! For this reason, we partnered with DreamCloud to ensure that my boys and all guests have the best sleep of their life!

Best Sleep Ever!

I can’t even tell you how comfortable these DreamCloud mattresses are! They are indeed luxury mattresses built with outstanding premium materials and stellar craftsmanship.

Follow my special link HERE to get $200 off any DreamCloud mattress!

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