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This Live video was hosted in our Facebook group and is a MUST-WATCH video for every event planner who wants to build long-term relationships with their clients.

Can you get clients to trust and love you?

By knowing and understanding the steps a client takes to move through the buying cycle, you can enhance their experience so they’re more likely to trust you and become long-time clients.

** As promised, links mentioned in this video:

1. Get your already-done-for-you event contract templates at:

2. For new event planners who want to learn how to be a professional event planner and get paying clients, learn more about How to Be an Event Planner at:

3. And, for event planners already WITH clients, who want to learn marketing & sales strategies to help you level-up and close the sale FASTER, go to: to get on the list. Business Bootcamp is opening soon for registration and space is limited.

For more event planning tips and advice, go to:

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